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Firefox Bugs Housekeeping

Posted by Gordon P. Hemsley on February 15, 2009

With the help of Henrik Skupin (whimboo) of the Mozilla QA Team, I’ve recently been going through the old Firefox 1.0 and 1.5 bugs and closing the ones that have outlived their usefulness. The ones whose current usefulness remains questionable, I’ve added a comment requesting more information, and tagged the whiteboard with “[closeme <date>]”, where <date> is a month from today, in YYYY-MM-DD format. (There is an ongoing discussion on mozilla.dev.quality regarding the use of this tag, and whether it should be removed once the bug is closed.) There are currently over 300 bugs filed against old Firefox versions, so I could use some help with this task, if anyone is willing (and able).

I’ve also taken it upon myself to go through and re-categorize recent bugs that have been filed with version “unspecified”, whenever possible. (Sometimes, there is not enough detail in the bug to determine which version it belongs under. Other times, it falls under multiple versions.) I’ve created a saved search (available to those with “editbugs” status) called “Recent Firefox Bugs Needing Version Sorting” to help simplify this process. (This link goes to the recreated, public version of the search. Visit your preferences to turn on my shared version.) I don’t know how important of a task this is, and I don’t do it too often, as the volume of new bugs of that nature is just overwhelming, but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt if other people chipped in to help.

So this is one of the first steps I’ve taken to try to make myself useful to as many people as possible. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, or if you’d like to help me in my process.

3 Responses to “Firefox Bugs Housekeeping”

  1. Henrik said

    Thanks Gordon for the post and your work on those old bug reports. Your help is very appreciated.

    300 bugs are a lot and we could really try to find a way to create a project on QMO for example. Further we could organize a test week on this topic at a time when we don’t have to focus too much on Firefox 3.1 releases. If you would like to lead such a project, we can try to find out how we can proceed. Otherwise I can help out too.

    All closeme related stuff we shouldn’t discuss here. Lets follow the newsgroup discussion.

    And to also come to the version field topic you have raised… It’s a nice idea but normally its use is very limited right now. Most developers don’t obey this field and even it is handled differently between Firefox devs and Core devs. So its hard to find a clean way though. We should better check if the bug is placed in the correct component so that bug watchers can notify the responsible people. That will help to triage as much bugs as we can.

  2. GPHemsley said

    It would be great to lead a project in cleaning out the Bugzilla cruft. And, of course, your help would be much appreciated in that matter.

    As for the “closeme” tag issue, I wasn’t suggesting the discussion happen here. I was merely pointing to it to try to get more input.

    And I’m not too familiar with the different components or what is supposed to go where. If there’s a doc or something that can help me with that skill (I’m sure there is, somewhere—I haven’t gone looking), I certainly wouldn’t mind spending my time doing something more useful.

  3. Henrik said

    Sadly I haven’t received an email of your response on this post. Looks like something is broken with the configuration?

    Whenever you have time, find me on IRC and we can discuss the parts we need to setup a new project. It’s great to hear that there is interest from your side!

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